About Me

IMG_0687Hi. I’m Jonathan’s Mom. I am also Mom to four other equally delightful adults. I am married to their wonderful dad. And sometimes, I am an author and a speaker. In this blog series, I will write about hiking with my son, Jonathan, and learning to see the world from his perspective. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I am going to enjoy discovering it.   Gayle Haggard

One thought on “About Me

  1. Don and Faye Yahn

    Hey Gayle, this is Faye Yahn. Your blog is just wonderful! Your pictures of Jonathan and the family precious! Such a blessing! As I learn of your journey my heart is full and the tears flow. Experiences like this are moments to treasure, a “kiss from the King!” both for the writer and the reader! Your relationship with Jonathan is beautifully written. It’s very inspiring to see how both of you have grown in understanding of each other. Your time together now, at this point in both your lives, is most certainly a Divine Appointment, orchestrated by Him and set in motion since Jonathan’s birth. This may be your next book! So many parents would love to “know” their children as you have found. Thank you for sharing with us your son, Jonathan, God’s gift to you and your family! All our love, Don and Faye


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